TJ Gets The Love

14th December, 2015Posted in: Latest, TJ Wrangler

TJ Gets The Love

All of our Off Road Icons have been undergoing maintenance and special love and care for their upcoming Big Simpson Desert Trip, and our overseas Icon the TJ Wrangler is no exception.

Now that the US team have the TJ in their hot little hands, it’s time to assess the reality of its condition. As clean as it looked, the check engine light was a cause for concern. After a quick code scan, it was soon revealed to them that there was an issue with the exhaust. Once under the rig the US team discovered the entire exhaust system was a wreck from the headers back. A long list of problems and work were starting to pile up, from hack job welding, a mixture of new and old parts, destroyed oxygen sensors, one converter missing its internals and the other broken and rattling.

However, despite these concerns, once they double checked the engine it was discovered to be in tip top shape. So, the US team reached out to their friends at MagnaFlow Exhaust Products for a little help, with new catalytic converters and cat-back exhaust sent their way.

Currently, the US team have since been busying themselves stripping the TJ and readying it for paint.


More updates on the TJ’s progress coming very soon.