The Shorty 40 – Under Maintenance

20th July, 2015Posted in: FJ40 LandCruiser, Latest

The Shorty 40 – Under Maintenance

Leaving your vehicle in the hands of a mechanic can be a daunting feeling, but there was nothing other than excitement and optimism when we handed the keys of our beloved Shorty 40 to mechanic and former ARB workshop manager Ian Bailey.

Trusting Ian with the 40 Series was a no-brainer as we knew what to expect – a thorough recondition of the drivetrain without losing the aesthetic demeanour of the vehicle we all know and love.

After running a keen eye on the vehicle, Ian was quick to compliment the shape she was in.

“For a 40 year old car, I reckon it’s awesome!,” Ian said. “It’s in really, really good condition for the age of the vehicle. It hasn’t been abused and it’s been looked after really well, I believe. Other than general wear and tear, I think it’s actually quite a good car,” he said.

So, what exactly will Ian be toiling with?

“The gearbox is a little noisy, so I’ll be putting a set of bearings through the gearbox. I’ll put a bearing kit through the transfer case and replace the wheel bearings, just for maintenance purposes. And when I’ve got the gearbox out I’ll check the clutch for wear and make sure the rear main isn’t leaking oil. Then I’ll most likely be conducting your average vehicle service and tune as well,” Ian said.

It’s interesting to note that the last service this 40 Series had was over 10 years ago – so how is it still in impeccable shape?

It’s clear to Ian that the previous owner of the Shorty 40 took such good care of it, that in 10 years, it had driven less than 5,000kms. Ian explains further; “Its last service sticker on the windscreen dates back to June 2005… that’s 10 years ago. A vehicle of this age should be serviced every 5000kms and after I checked the mileage, I quickly learnt that in 10 years the vehicle had only covered less than 5,000kms. So it’s been well kept and well maintained for the past decade,” Ian said.

Now it’s our turn to maintain the Shorty 40’s glorious legacy of being a pristine, well kept vehicle. In the trusting hands of Ian, our Shorty 40 will be back on the roads next week, ready to start it’s next adventure in representing one of the most iconic 4WDs of all time.

Stay tuned…