The Shorty 40 Makes Its First Appearance

1st June, 2015Posted in: FJ40 LandCruiser, Latest

The Shorty 40 Makes Its First Appearance

Our first Off Road Icon, the Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series, created a curious crowd at this year’s Explore Australia 4×4 Expo. Little kids and big kids alike all flocked to the ARB stand for a look at a vehicle that dominated the tracks decades ago.

Onlookers were delighted to see such an iconic vehicle in the flesh, one that played such an important role in the 4WD movement during its infancy.

Likewise, the contrast of having such a historic vehicle among the plethora of ARB’s latest fleet vehicles and product displays was also reasoning for its buzzing reception.

Keep an eye out for some of our other icons at a number of the major 4WD shows around the country, as we glorify them in their own unique displays.