New Vs. Old: Which 4x4s Are Better Off Road? – By Wes Siler

31st January, 2017Posted in: The Stories

New Vs. Old: Which 4x4s Are Better Off Road? – By Wes Siler

If, like me, you’re a truck guy, then you’ve probably found yourself thinking, “Why don’t they make them like they used to?” In our minds, the simple, old-school construction of older pickups, SUVs, and 4x4s seems to endow them with a certain element of unstoppability in comparison to the complicated electronics and refined civility of the stuff made today.

But are older 4x4s actually better? Well, I think I just put that question to the ultimate test. Over the course of two weeks, I helped pilot eight trucks—four old, four new—across Australia’s Simpson Desert.

The Vehicles

Down Under, one name is synonymous with 4×4 adventure: ARB. It builds the suspension, locking differentials, bumpers, lights, luggage, and accessories that make going way, way off-road for long periods of time not just possible but also comfortable. This year is ARB’s 40th birthday: to celebrate, the company sourced four iconic trucks from Australia’s past and sympathetically restored and upgraded them specifically to complete this trip.

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