Maintenance Update

12th August, 2015Posted in: FJ40 LandCruiser, Latest

Maintenance Update

It’s a little daunting to see the insides of our 40 Series lying on mechanic Ian Bailey’s workshop bench, but he assures us our Shorty 40 is in good hands.

With the gearbox, transfer case, diff, clutch and rear crank seal all out on the table, Ian said everything is looking relatively fine with only minor work to be done.

“It all looks good, although the rear crank seal is leaking, but this can easily be fixed. The brakes are looking fine. I’ve stripped the transfer case and gearbox down, and found some worn parts in the transfer case which I have started working on” he said.

After toiling with the internal hardware, Ian found more hedges to overcome.

“When the diff was all ready to go back in, I stripped the diff and then I found all the bearings were worn. So I replaced all the bearings, embedded new pinion seals and resembled it all.”

Although the 40 Series isn’t ready to be set free to explore the Aussie Outback just yet, Ian has assured us it won’t be long until 4WD enthusiasts from Australia and the world will see it on the tracks.