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Innamincka was made famous by the story of two explorers, Burke and Wills, who died in the lands surrounding this outback town.

The short of the story is that Burke, an inexperienced bushman, accompanied by Wills, an astrologer, and inexperienced explorer were elected by the Australian government to trek the land from South to North to find the Gulf of Carpentaria and discover if there was, in fact, a route, free of inland seas, that would offer a plausible passage for a proposed telegraph line.

After reaching Cooper Creek on his northward journey, Burke made some seriously hasty decisions including abandoning most of his own support team fearing a lack of capacity and supplies to continue.  Despite the questionable thought process, Burke led Wills, King and Grey onward bound continuing their trip to the Gulf.

The team made it to the Gulf, returning four months later and one more soldier down, the camp at Cooper Creek had been abandoned, and no supplies remained. Burke, Wills & King pushed on to find a police station at Mount Hopeless.  By this time their leader, Burke, and a faithful Wills were too weak to go on, Burke died first and Wills not long after. The sole survivor was King, who was looked after by local aboriginals until help arrived.

There, of course, is a whole lot more to the town of Innaminka and the story of Burke and Wills, two famous Australian travelers.

Popular landmarks to visit in the area are The Innamincka Trading Post, the Burke and Wills Dig Tree and more.

Now it’s time for you to plan your annual leave, and get yourself out to Innamincka to hear the story first hand at the local Innamincka Trading Post.