28th July, 2016Posted in: GQ Patrol, Latest, The Icons



One of the hot favourites around the office has been the build up of the GQ Patrol.  It’s fair to say that out of all the icons the GQ probably felt most at home when it arrived at ARB head office in Melbourne, largely due to the number of other GQ’s which still frequent the Kilsyth car park.

In Australia, while the HiLux, Defender and 40 Series are no doubt every bit as iconic and loved, the Y60 (GQ) is the model that is still most currently seen exploring off road tracks, having been a staple in the Australian 4WD industry for many years. No doubt a very different story from continent to continent with different 4x4s having been more suited to different countries and their terrains.

While we had the talented Offroad Images at our disposal, we went and tested the muddies, Air Lockers and general usability of the GQ to get this little piece of footage.

She might need some extra attention at the cleaning bay!