GQ Update

14th January, 2016Posted in: GQ Patrol

GQ Update

In our last GQ update, she was being prepped in our workshop, readying herself for her complete transformation. But what exactly has she had done you ask?


So far she’s had the following equipment fitted:


  • ARB bull bar and side rails and side step
  • Kaymar rear bar with twin wheel swinger
  • Safari snorkel, turbo kit, intercooler and exhaust
  • Recaro seats
  • REDARC dual battery system with dual volt and EGT/Boost gauges
  • GME UHF and aerial
  • Hayman Reese brake controller with AM UHF radio


But, that’s not all!

Though the GQ has had some serious work done, we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. The GQ suspension will be getting an upgrade due to the added weight of the previously listed equipment. She will also be pampered with a winch, dual battery system in the front and rear bar, twin wheel carriers and a long range fuel tank in the back.

The suspension parts will consists of OME rated coils for the (front and rear), long travel shocks, adjustable paned rods front and rear, 2 degree caster bushes, top and bottom, rear railing arms and steering damper.
Lee Darcy, NSW ARB Stockist Representative,  has been very happy with the progress of the GQ, stating: “I personally would like to thank the suppliers for the help with this project. REDARC, Safari, GME, Recaro, Kaymar and all the staff involved at ARB Moorebank.’ he said.


So far, it looks as if the GQ is getting all the TLC that our Off Road Icon vehicles deserve.