Cameron Corner

21st July, 2016Posted in: The Towns

Cameron Corner


If you love a long lasting celebration then, there are few better places to celebrate New Year’s Eve than at Cameron Corner, the little town with an iconic General Store that borders three Australian states and three different time zones.

Cameron Corner is where the States of Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia meet. Thanks to the inconsistencies on Day Light Savings across states you can literally jump ‘back in time’. From Queensland, jump an hour back in time to New South Wales, from here you can step one further 30 minutes back in time to South Australia all within the space of 1 square foot.

The landmark is denoted by a marker which was originally erected in September 1880 by a NSW Lands Department Surveyor, John Cameron.

The Corner Store didn’t open until 1989 and remains a destination for many travelers performing their own surveying of the Australian Outback.  One of the most popular attractions in the area is, of course, the Dingo/Wild Dog Barrier Fence, which at approximately 5,500kms long is the world’s longest fence, crossing five deserts! There is a host of amazing historical information from around the area, and well worth the visit.

While you’re in town, be sure not to miss the highlight of the local golf course which spans three Australian states… so bring your best hiking boots.

The ‘Corner’ is also home to good advice, accommodation, camping, pub grub and cold beer!

We’ll be looking forward to capturing some photos of our Icon’s as they arrive in one of Australia’s favourite outback destinations.