21st July, 2016Posted in: Latest, The Towns


If you haven’t heard of Birdsville, you probably haven’t yet done any serious research into Australian Outback touring.  The eastern gateway to the Simpson Desert and home to popular annual events including the Birdsville Races and the Big Red Bash, Birdsville today is home to a humble approximate of 115 people with a pub, bakery, caravan park, two service stations and a general store.

The town survives solely on the back of outback tourism, with a daily flux of 4WDers passing through on their journey, likely either across the Simpson or down the famous Birdsville Track (and in many cases, both).

An iconic place to add to the bucket list, however, we would strongly recommend steering clear of the small desert-edge town around Christmas, as it’s bloody hot!

ARB are a proud founding sponsor of The Big Red Bash, a concert which is held at the base of Big Red each year. If you love your Aussie rock and need an excuse to get out and see this great town, look no further