4X4 Icons Down Under – Adapted by Fred M. Krijgsman

31st January, 2017Posted in: The Stories

4X4 Icons Down Under – Adapted by Fred M. Krijgsman

What can you do as one of the world leaders in off road accessories and equipment to celebrate your 40th-anniversary birthday party?…Come with a unique plan, ask people all over the world to mention their favourite 4×4, and take the four highest scoring, purchase these vehicles and prepare them for a one of a lifetime desert trip. Once these vehicles were prepared at the head office in Melbourne, they were transported to Alice Springs, and are patiently awaiting their national and international drivers to arrive.

The support team spent two days packing and preparing the vehicles; loading swags, filling water and fuel tanks and performing final safety checks. The vehicles looked to be in good condition, all round, though a final check revealed the 40 Series Land Cruiser didn’t seem to have operating windscreen wipers. But hey, we’re in the middle of the driest continent on earth, traversing the world’s longest dune desert, surely windscreen wipers are more of a cosmetic than a functional feature at this point.

Thankfully, erring on the side of caution, the decision was made that it would probably be best to get them going again.

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